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Life stories

I am fascinated by people, their stories and emotions. I admire the details that we are made of — and that is the reason why I appreciate so much observing people and the world around us. I find happiness and beauty in the simple things, like a sunny terrace, a strong hug, a sincere conversation and a window full of light. I love to turn complex and intimate emotions inside out, and talk about them in a natural and simple way. I write stories about life, and the world, to shorten the distance between us — but, especially, to shorten the distance between the world and me. I am part of the world and the world is part of me. We are all part of each other.

Don’t let jealousy control your mind & life

Loving someone can be genuinely overwhelming. And this illustration I did is part of a story — called “Loving you deeply” — that I wrote a few years ago for my book. The character — a woman who has fallen deeply in love — couldn’t avoid getting so jealous of...



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